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The school is conducting an online quiz “RENDEZVOUS WITH A TWIST”on the school’s official social network portal- Facebook, every Saturday from October 13, 2018 between 12.00-12.30 pm.

  • Gear up for the most enthralling online quiz ever.
  • Like our page on Facebook and Instagram and be a part of the quiz.
  • The quiz window opens every Saturday for half an hour.
  • The quiz is aimed at presenting students with new contexts so that they are able to see how much they have learned.
  • The quiz will be based on general knowledge and general awareness questions for all classes.
  • There will be up to 5 questions in each quiz. After a month the score of all the quizzes held in that month will be combined.
  • Two students who achieve the highest score will be felicitated by Madam Principal.

World Space Week 2018

Inter-School “Astrotoon Competition” for students


SPACE invites entries for the annual WSWInter-School Astrotoon Competition” for students. School students make cartoons related to space, and comets and asteroids, and participate in a friendly competition.



  • Theme : Space Unites the World

Let your imagination soar the universe! Visualize how space binds us all as one single species. This is an outward facing theme that serves to inspire the population through putting the spotlight on the potential of space related activities in uniting the world, and creating relationships that extend beyond national borders. It highlights space missions that were celebrated by people all around the world like moon landing; concrete space projects that facilitate the union of two or more nations to achieve a common goal such as Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn, and big goals such as the Space X mission to Mars.


Awards    3 Best Entries in each category will be awarded prizes, which will be announced on the SPACE website in last week of November. Prizes will be given at the SPACE Meet Function to be held In December 2018. Prizes in each group:

  • 1st Prize  
  • 2nd Prize
  • 3rd Prize
  • Most Popular (Facebook Likes)


  • Announcement of Winners

Winners will be announced on SPACE website, http://www.space-india.com/world-space-week/ in the last week of November.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Student may will their signature at the bottom right corner of the sheet along with his/her name, class and School’s name).
  2. Cartoon Strip should be neatly drawn over.
  3. Any coloring medium can be used.
  4. Students will upload the photo of their astrotoons after properly naming it (student’s name_class_ school’s name_city)
  5. All the entries submitted will become SPACE property. Further, it can be used anywhere by SPACE.
  6. Cartoons will be judged on the basis of originality, technique, style, composition, context, creativity and imagination as well as relevance to theme.